To Italians, there is nothing more special than Christmastime. The music, the traditions, and oh the foods! For every Christmas memory, there is a corresponding Christmas food. This is the joy of the season.

Joe still remembers his grandma, Mommy Francis, working the dough for the Christmas Panettone, pushing it down and letting it slowly rise on top of the water heater, dressed up in a festive red handkerchief.

In Italy, one of the oldest and most cherished Christmas greetings is the Panettone. A sweet bread rich in eggs, butter, citron and candied raisins, packaged in decorative paper. It’s the perfect gift to bring when calling on friends

In recent years, Panettone has become something of a cheap commodity- mass produced and sold at discount stores it seems to have lost some of its specialness. Frigos has made it our mission to bring back the tradition and elegance of the Panettone. We’ve sourced Panettone from Italian artisans who use only the finest ingredients and stay true to the centuries-old slow baking process (72 hours!). These are the real thing.

We suggest serving on Christmas morning like Mommy Francis, toasted with butter. Let us all rejoice and eat cake!