Cork or Twist-Off?
Especially for immediately consumed wine, Twist Offs have proven as good if not better by many winemakers. Almost all New Zealand wines have twist-off!
Correct Serving Temperature
For Sparkling, White & Rose-Well Chilled. However most reds will benefit from a SLIGHT (i.e., cellar Temp.) chill. Maybe 15-20 minutes in the fridge.
Do Sulfites Affect a Wine’s Taste?
Are European wines made without sulfites? Are they bad for me? There’s not enough room here for a thorough discussion, but almost ALL American wines are labelled “Contains Sulfites,” even though sulfites affect approximately 0.5% of asthmatics. You’d probably already know if you are affected. Also, all wines (even those found in Europe) are the SAME.
How to tell if a wine on the shelf will be good
There are many variables here, but generally look for wines that aren’t too old (i.e., spoiled) and don’t be fooled by a pretty label. Most importantly, rely on a retailer’s efforts to select wines that offer sound taste, good value, and that match your needs. Here at Frigo’s, we have a small selection of hand selected wines from around the world, that we always taste first. However, keep in mind that everyone’s tastes and needs could be unique!
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