Renzo returned from the Army and used the GI Bill to attend the National School of Meat Cutting.

The warm glow of the holidays has faded, the Christmas decorations have been packed away and we are faced with one cold, hard truth: Winter is here. It’s cold and grey and everyone is fastidiously digging into their new year’s resolutions and wondering what to eat.

The antidote to these blustery, frigid days? A nice roast cooking in the oven, filling the house with warmth and mouthwatering aromas. But who wants to fuss with the stuffing.

Our boneless pork roasts are stuffed and rolled with parsley, breadcrumbs, prosciutto, garlic, fennel, and mozzarella. Sitting on a bed of onions, carrots and and potatoes, it’s the quintessential “one pot” meal. Your only job is to put it in the oven and let it cook low and slow. Not sure how big of a roast you need? Our individually stuffed pork chops are an ideal alternative.

At Frigos, we take special pride in our fresh meats. When Renzo returned home from the service he used his GI bill and traveled to Toledo, Ohio where he enrolled in the historic National School of Meat Cutting. Upon receiving his diploma, he returned home to Frigos and introduced fresh meats and sausages to the store. To this day, it’s Renzo who prepares our prime rib roasts with his special blend of seasonings and ensures that the quality and grade of our cuts are always exceptional.