When summer gives you lemons… eat lemon ice and let Frigo’s prepare dinner!

With August in full swing summer is making its presence known, and just in case you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside. This is no time to be standing in a steaming kitchen trying to put together dinner for the family. Why not escape the afternoon heat and treat yourself and the kiddies to some refreshingly, frosty house-made Italian ice.

When fresh lemons meet pure cane sugar and collide with a bucket of ice the result is pure satisfaction. It is the quintessential taste of summertime in Italy. You can almost imagine stunning vistas of the Amalfi Coast.

For Joe Frigo, traditional Italian ice is more than just a nostalgic snack. It was his first sale. Walking the streets of Agawam with his wagon in tow, seven year-old Joe tried to become the neighborhood’s go-to lemon ice supplier. Unfortunately, between treating his friends and eating half the inventory himself, it did not turn out to be his most profitable venture. Fast forward to present day, Joe has ensured that this childhood favorite continues to keep the neighborhood cool and happy.