For your Superbowl entertaining order one of Frigo’s gourmet lasagnas and fry up some of our house-made Italian sausage.

If you’re going to watch football, then eat meatballs. Frigos meatballs! They taste so good you won’t even notice that the Patriots aren’t playing.
Fact: With or without the New England Patriots, Super Bowl 50 will apparently be played as scheduled (a few of us might even watch it), and life it seems, will go on. It is the American way.

The Super Bowl is an unofficial holiday in the Frigo family, it’s all about the game…and the food. It is another excuse to gather with friends and eat well. Not that you ever need an excuse to eat Mama Frigo’s world famous lasagna. Regardless of whether or not the home team is playing, every year our families come together over trays of meaty lasagna, sauce, meatballs, and fried sausages to watch this country’s greatest sporting event. We top it off with good quality bread and a bright, fresh, green salad because, after all, we are Italian.

We urge you not to let the recent shame of the Patriots devastating loss deter you from watching this year’s Super Bowl. Instead, refocus your attention on what matters that day- what you and your friends will eat. And if you want our advice, leave the greasy chicken wings and over-spiced chili to the fans who actually have to worry about who will win the game (they’re going to have heartburn regardless). Take this year’s Super Bowl as an opportunity to watch the commercials and eat really, really good lasagna.