The holiday season is upon us and the Sicilian olive oil has arrived

274th Il Novello Sicilian Virgin Olive Oil makes a wonderful holiday gift when paired with a ten year balsamic vinegar.

Frigos started selling 274th Il Novello Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oils six years ago. What makes this olive oil so unique? It is an olive oil made from a single variety ofolive known as the Biancolilla olive. The olives are hand picked, starting on the 274th day of the year, October 1st.

We knew this olive oil was something special when our buyer called us from the Sicilian farm where the olives were being harvested. He watched as the olives were carefully collected and cold pressed within six hours of being gathered- the entire production process took place on that farm alone. That’s when we knew this was single batch olive oil at its best.

As we celebrate the harvest of the 274th day we honor another important day this season- the 59th wedding anniversary of Renzo and Annmarie Frigo. Still enjoying their daily walks together, Renzo and Annmarie often bring a simple picnic to enjoy at the park. They take their time appreciating the changing seasons, frequently leaving pennies and notes behind for children to discover. After 59 years of marriage, an afternoon walk with a rustic loaf of bread and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil is more than a fleeting moment in time, it is an occasion to be cherished and celebrated.