East Longmeadow Specials

tuesday, March 28th, 2023

Spring Has Arrived !!!


                                                                                             SOUP OF THE DAY

                                                                                       tomato roasted vegetable


Salads, Sides, & Appetizer

 Coleslaw $6.99/lb.

sweet chili chicken bites $13.99lb

Wing Dings $9.99/lb.

grilled veggies $8.99lb

Sauteed Veggies $8.99/lb.

seafood pasta salad $9.99lb

Parmesan Brussel Sprouts $8.99/lb.

ham tomato spinach and blue cheese frittata $7.99lb


Meat Lasagna $7.99/lb.

meatloaf with mashed potat $11.99

Chicken Francaise $9.99/Serv.

Chicken Parmesan $9.99/Serv.

chicken parmesan lasagna $7.99lb

Chicken Bruschetta $10.99 Serv.

swordfish fiesta $12.99 serv

Chicken & Shrimp, Ziti , Broccoli $12.99/lb.

Salmon with a Bourbon Glaze $13.99 Serv.

beet ravioli with arugula and feta $12.99lb

eggplant parmesan $7.99lb

american chop suey $8.99lb

pork loin with apples mashed potato and green beans $11.99serv

haddock with a seafood topping 12.99serv

Sandwich Special 

1/2 vienna classic italian

                                                                        Don’t forget to complete the meal with one of our Desserts!

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